Small size, fit's vehicles up to 160" x 65" approximately and 47" approximate height.
IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that you measure your vehicle prior to purchase.

These fully waterproof car covers will protect your vehicle in almost any weather conditions, and will stop even torrential downpours from soaking your car. Whilst fully waterproof materials are not breathable and will still allow condensation to form, so a waterproof cover is most suitable if your car sees regular use, or you are in a position to regularly remove it for an hour to air the vehicle out. For vehicles that see regular to semi-regular use, our fully waterproof cover will be the one for you.

Produced from PVC & non-woven cotton, assists in providing all weather protection

Waterproof fabric

Hot wealded seams

Strong elasticated hem

Supplied with a handy storage bag

Will protect your vehicle against dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings and industrial pollutants

  • Is resistant to wind & rain, UV rays, snow and ice